Holy Cross is a mission of The Reformed Episcopal Church.  Holy Cross is committed to loving God, loving one another, and loving the world for which Christ died and rose hc-rec-copyagain.  Our love is expressed in our worship, our dedication to one another’s growth in grace, and our passion in bringing the gospel to the world in which we live.

We believe God’s Word from cover to cover.  We hold fast to the Word of God, both the written Word, as found in Holy Scripture, and the Living Word, the Lord Jesus Christ. In the Word we find our life, our hope, and our purpose.

Holy Cross is committed to the historic Christian faith and traditional Anglican worship as a refreshing alternative in the contemporary spiritual world. We are Anglican by heritage and maintain classic Anglican theology, worship, and spirituality.

Holy Cross, a part of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) and the Reformed Episcopal Church (REC), keeps a classical Anglican identity along with the global Anglican Communion, which has around 85 million members worldwide. The REC has remained faithful to the Word of God, proclaimed the Gospel, and worshipped according to the Book of Common Prayer for over 140 years. You can learn more about the REC here, and about the ACNA here.

Holy Cross was planted in Midlothian, Virginia on October 16, 2016. Currently, we worship in our historic sanctuary at 13030 Mt. Olive Ln., Amelia, VA.  The building has a long history dating back to 1873.  Many of our members are residents of Amelia Co. and many come from neighborhoods in Western Chesterfield County, while others are residents of Chesterfield Heights Gracious Living in Midlothian, VA where we started. Holy Cross welcomes everyone regardless of their address.  Come worship with us!

Check us out on Facebook!  Go to Holy Cross, Reformed Episcopal Mission, Anglican on FacebookIt’s a great way to keep track of all the happenings at Holy Cross.


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